Reports are coming every day from many parts of the country about various kinds of services being denied to the people for want of Aadhaar. The latest is about a hospital Gurugram, near Delhi, which denied admission to a pregnant woman for want of the Aadhaar certificate. Earlier, there was a move by the Central government to make Aadhaar mandatory for issuing death certificate, but it was probably put in shelve due to strong protest.

And now the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) says to the government to not deny benefits for want of Aadhaar. On the one hand the UIDAI and government are compelling Aadhaar for all purposes despite clear instructions from the Supreme Court, and on the other hand issuing statements like the above to mislead the people and save themselves from criticism.

The privacy of people has been tampered with the mandatory of Aadhaar for almost all purposes and transactions. They are at the mercy of cyber-thiefs and crooks.

This is not Aadhaar for the people, but only Niraadhaar!