According to the statistics published in Hindu today about the number of tax payers in India, there are only one lakh tax payers whose taxable income is more than Re. one crore. At the same time there are 100 crore persons who are paying Income Tax at the level of Rs. 2.5 lakh income. Most of these persons are government / public employees as also engaged by private companies etc. Since the income tax is cut at the base itself all such employees are tax payers.

But what about the corporates and big business? All over India, out of crores of crorepatis, only one lakh is paying the income tax, thus cheating the government. It is not that the government is not aware of these tax evaders, but the unholy alliance of corporates, bureaucracy and political powers manage in such a way that no action is taken.

Neither the BJP nor the Congress Government ever wanted to catch these tax evaders. They only want to tax the workers and the lower strata.