2018 is born out of the womb of 2017, which heralded umpteen struggles of the working men all over the country.

And 2018 is going to be the Year of Struggles by the senior citizens, retirees and the pensioners. While the aged, the senior citizens and the pensioners are to be provided with social security and all help to pass over their advance age period, the central government is taking away their rights. Statutory pension is being replaced by contributory pension for government employees, the eligibility for EPF is proposed to be withdrawn for those workers if the strength is below 300 in the company, health insurance and medical facilities are being restricted and the safety of aged from thieves and their own families are being compromised. The state of aged widows are pitiable.

Yes, this unhappy situation can not be allowed to continue. Struggle is the only way to ensure our rights as senior citizens. Special consideration should be ensured for journey, health, treatment, recreation, safety etc. Let the new year be a year of struggle and unity.