We are reproducing below the relevant portion of the reply given by the Defense Minister on anomalies in implementation of One Rank One Pension to the war veterans. It may be remembered that the government was compelled to implement the OROP after pro-long and sacrificing struggle by the ex-servicemen. There were lot of complaints after implementation of OROP from the war veterans and the main complaint was that what is implemented is not at all OROP. But the Modi government was not prepared to look into the complaints and the war veterans had to launch another sustained struggle. There after the government agreed to appoint a Judicial Committee to examine the complaints and to make necessary recommendions . The Judicial Committee was appointed on 14-12-2015 and the report was submitted after 10 months, 0n 26-10-2016.
And the government slept over the report for 9 months and appointed another committee, called the internal committee on 19-07-2017, presumably after getting the question from the MP in this regard. The “sincerity and eagerness” of the government on such vital issue is thoroughly exposed.
Excerpts of reply by the Defense Minister in Parliament.

Some Ex-Servicemen Associations have been demanding changes in methodology for fixation of pension,periodicity of its revision, coverage of future Pre-mature retirees (PMR) cases, etc. The Government appointed One Member Judicial Committee (OMJC) onOROP to look into anomalies, if any arising out of implementation of OROP on 14.12.2015. The Terms of Reference of the Committee was as under:-

To examine and make recommendations on references received from the Central Government on the following matters:-

(i) Measures for the removal of anomalies that may arise in implementation of the OROP Letter No.12(1)/2014/D(Pen/Pol)/Part-II, dated 7.11.2015.

(ii) Measures for the removal of anomalies that may arise out of inter-service issues of the three forces due to implementation of OROP order ibid.

(iii) Implications on service matters.

(iv) Any other matter referred by the Central Government on implementation of the OROP or related issues.

In making its recommendations, the Committee shall take into account the financial impact of its recommendations.

Around 3200 representations for addressing the anomalies on OROP were received from individuals / Associations which were examined and issues referred to the Judicial Committee on OROP for its recommendations. The Committee submitted its report on 26.10.2016. An Internal Committee has been constituted by the Government on 19.07.2017 to examine the recommendations of OMJC with respect to feasibility and financial aspects.