The Central Government has threatened the CG employees for calling for organising dharna in front of offices by the Confederation of CG employees on their major demands. As per letter dated 19th September 2017, the government has stated that severe action as per CCS (Conduct Rules), 1964 will be taken against the employees who participate in the dharna.

The true colour of the Modi Government is exposed. Despite the CCS(Conduct) Rules in 1964, the employees have gone on agitations and strike many times. ESMO has been passed, but the CG employees went on strike on 19th September 1968. Jail, arrest, victimisation – all they faced and still went on strike. The threat of the government has been met squarely by the unions and employees. The government has issued the threatening letter on the 49th anniversary of the 1968 strike is to be noted.

The Strike and agitations are the rights of the workers won through sustained struggles. The workers are not prepared to surrender these rights. Com.M.Krishnan, Secretary General of the Confederation, has rightly taken the challenge and stated that the workers will never surrender their right to strike and agitate and will continue in the path of struggle, whatever be the consequences. Congratulations to the Confederation leadership!