Tripura has become the first state in the country to set up family welfare district committees to examine the complaints of women against their husbands and in-laws and find an amicable solution, Chief Justice T Vaiphei has said.

“The committees would examine the complaints of any woman against her husband, in-laws and relatives of the husband and try to find an amicable solution through negotiation,” he said.

Vaiphei said that Tripura High Court is the first high court among 24 high courts of the country that has constituted the family welfare district committees.

Tripura High Court Judge Subhashish Talapatra said, in the Rajesh Sharma versus state of Uttar Pradesh case, the Supreme Court on July 27 directed that each complaint of cruelty to a woman by her husband or his relatives, which does not involve tangible physical injuries or death, shall be referred to the family welfare committee of the district. Courtesy:(Ganashakti)