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During the British colonial rule, the government always tried to divide the government employees by putting them in to separate ‘classes’. They segregated the employees in to Class I, Class II, Class III and Class IV. Another classification was Gazetted and Non-Gazetted. In the PSUs, the government of India started dividing workers by naming Executives and Non-Executives. Is it necessary to classify the workers by such names as Non-Gazetted, Non-executives etc. which are completely negative terms.

On each and every issue, the government ensured to exhibit the difference between these ‘classes’, whether it is the chair (only stool for the class IV), Uniform, facilities in the office etc. In some canteens, even seats are separated for the class IV employees, just like the condemnable practice of giving tea in separate glasses for the dalits in tea shops in some areas.

We claim to be a progressive society, but still the unnecessary disparity between the workers continue. This issue require discussion and decision so that these are removed and all workers are treated with dignity.