The BSNL executive associations are demanding fixation of pay with 15% fitment as recommended by the III PRC. The non-executive unions have demanded for early wage negotiations, which will also be based on the guidance of the III PRC report. Both have not been accepted so far.

National Co-ordination Committee of Pensioners Association(NCCPA) as also AIBDPA has demanded to the government that the pension revision of BSNL pensioners also be granted 15% fitment, but without waiting for the implementation of the same for employees. Pensioners are senior citizens, who can not wait like the employees. Just like in the case of medical allowance, which was restored to the pensioners first, let the pension revision be made without waiting for the wage settlement. There may be financial difficulty for the BSNL, but no such issues are with the government, as it is committed to give pension from consolidated funds.