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The Meeting of the NCCPA (National Co-ordination Committee of Pensioners Association )held at Nagpur has decided to organise a massive Parliament March /Dharna of pensioners on 25th October 2017 demanding settlement of the following demands.

1. Implement Option No. 1. Recommended by the 7th CPC .
2. Revise the pension of all BSNL Pensioners on IDA pay scale with 15% fixation benefit.
3. Revise the pension of all pensioners of the Central Autonomous bodies.
4. (a) Notional fixation of pay under Option No. 3. Must be based on the pay scales/Pay levels of the cadre or grade from which an employee retired.
(b) Implement the judgements of the Courts in the case of all pre-2006 pensioners, whose notional pay for the purpose of pension must be on the basis of the pay level/Grade Pay or pay scale of the grade/cadre from which he/she has retired.
5. (a) Extend the benefit of the CCS(MA) Rules to all pensioners who are not covered by the CGHS (b) Do not discriminate the pensioners of the Union Territory; bring all pensioners under the coverage of CGHS.
6. Increase the FMA to Rs. 2000/- as has been granted to the PF pensioners w.e.f 1.1.2016
7. Raise the minimum pension to Rs. 12,000/- (2/3rd of the minimum wage) and make pension net of income tax.
8. Restore the commutation loss of pension after 10 years
9. Provide increased rates of pension on attainment of the age of 70 years
10. Restore the Defined benefit pension scheme as was in vogue prior to 1.1.2004 in respect of all Central Government employees by scrapping the Defined contributory pension scheme.

All affiliate organisations have been asked to mobilise maximum pensioners from their organisation to the March/Dharna.