Soumitra Ghosh, Asst. Professor, Centre for Health Policy, Institute of Social Sciences Mumbay, in his article published in Hindu dated 9th September, has stated that health was never a priority in U.P. He has examined the issue in detail and furnished statistics and other particulars. According to him, there has been scant consideration for improving the health system or the hospitals. The per capita public expenditure was only a meagre Rs.452, much less than many other states. During the period from 2002 to 2015 the primary health centres were reduced from 3,808 to 3,497. It is to be noted that the population has increased much during the same period.

It is not the case with UP alone. The central government has also reduced its expenditure on health year after year. At present it is only just above 1% of GDP. In most of the countries, it is around 5% or more. The rich and affluent can get treatment from high level private and specialty hospitals. What about the poor and ordinary people? During elections, all kinds of promises are given to people, but after getting elected, the people and their issues are forgotten. According to latest report of the Global Burden of Disease Study, India is at No. 154 far below China and even Sri Lanka and Bangla Desh.