New Delhi, Aug 9 : Highlighting the dangers of communalism, CPI(M) leader Sitaram Yechury today warned against creating a “Hindu Pakistan” out of India.
He was speaking in the Rajya Sabha while participating in a special discussion to commemorate the 75th anniversary of Quit India Movement.
While talking about the freedom struggle, he said the country’s Independence also had the painful episode of partition attached to it.
Yechury, whose term as Rajya Sabha member is coming to an end with this session, said Prime Minister Narendra Modi has mentioned that communalism must quit India. “The question is — are we doing anything to make it quit?”
Reciting a couplet about communal harmony, he said a ‘Hindu Pakistan’ should not be created.
The CPI(M) leader recounted the contribution of several communist leaders in the fight against British rule. He said a lot of people in the cellular jail were communist leaders from Bengal and Punjab.
He, however, emphasised that attempts should not be made to appropriate the freedom struggle.
Yechury said there were two communist leaders – a maulana and a swami – who had moved a resolution for complete independence at a meeting of the Indian National Congress in 1921.
The Quit India movement belonged to the people and is a common heritage, he said.
He said the divide between the rich and poor was widening. From 49 percent earlier, the amount of the country’s GDP held by 1 percent of the country’s population has risen to 58.4 per cent.
The need is to eliminate neo-liberal policies and communalism, Yechury said. (Courtesy: Ganashakti)