The Central Trade Unions are organising a National Convention of Workers at New Delhi on 8th August 2017 to discuss and decide about  action programmes on the major and pressing demands of the Indian working class. The BJP government continues its attack on the people and the workers in the country. Genuine and long pending demands are rejected. Public sector units are either closed, sold or disinvested. The national assets are handed over to the corporates as gift.

The CTUs have been oranising struggles since 1991 against the neo-liberal policies being implemented by the continued governments, whether led by Congress or BJP. In the last strike on 2nd September 2016, more than 18 crore workers participated.

The Convention is expected to be attended by thousands of workers representing the National Trade Union centres as also Federations of central/state government, telecom, banks, construction, Insurance etc.

Workers all over the country are waiting for the decision and action programmes.