The workers at the bottom are fighting for getting a minimum wage of at least  Rs.18,000. The govt has accepted only Rs.10,000. But even the same is not implemented in many states/ industries. 

But what about those at the top. In the central govt. the top salary has been increased to  Rs.2.5 lakes. In the private sector the salary seems to have no upper limit for top executives.

The pay of Mahendra CEO C.P.Gurnami is Rs.150.71 crore for financial year 2017. For two Executive directors in Reliance Industries it is 80.76 crores each. The salary of many top executives are not known.

The difference is salaries is  increasing, whether it is Central Government, State govt, Public sector or private sector.

The rich becomes richer, the poor the poorer. We have to fight against this gross discrimination.