It is understood that certain states like Uttarakhand, U.P., Haryana etc. are proposing to reduce the retirement age from 60 to 58 in order to give more jobs to the unemployed. The central government is also reported to be moving in this direction.

The intention is Good, but not the method.
Earlier the retirement age for CG Employees was 58 and it was extended to 60 in  1996-97. The idea was to save expenditure on retirement benefits to be be paid for two years. The Confederation of CG Employees and workers opposed the proposal on the basis that it will reduce the job opportunities. But the govt. implemented its decision. State govts followed. 

But reducing is not easy. The employees have planned their life, construction of house, marriage of their children, loans, insurance etc.etc. on the basis of retirement at. Any reduction at this time will create extreme difficulties. To increase job opportunities what the government requires to do is to fill up the vacancies which are in thousands in each department. Ban on creation of posts should be removed.

Reducing retirement age will be strongly resisted  by the workers, no doubt.