I am herewith quoting a report received from Com. Naresh Lal, CS, BSNLEU Jharkhand and leader of BSNLCCWF on a successful negotiation on the payment of wages to contract workers. The Dy CLC directed the BSNL management to pay Rs. 60,24,282 as wages to workers within three months. Our Hearty congratulations to the workers and leaders of Jharkhand.

“On 23.06.2017 a tripartie meeting held in the chamber of the Dy CLC(Central) Dhanbad amongst BSNL Dainik Bhogi Mazdoor Sangh Jharkhand
under leadership of Com Bhawan Singh the President of Union, BSNL Management Jharkhand represented by the Superintending Engineer
(Electrical) and Executive Engineer (Electrial) and the Labour Department.
This meeting was held to decide wage payment and also less wage payment to contract workers in Electrical wing in Jharkhand .
A claim for Rs. 60,24,282/- (Sixty lac twenty four thousand two hundred and eighty two) was raised for which management wanted a time slot for six months which was denied by the Dy CLC and granted three months to pay wage arrears and also difference of already paid less wage . Retrenchment two workers in Ranchi SSA was also raised which could not be discussed because non representation of the GMT BSNL Ranchi SSA. For this another date ,10.07.2017 , was fixed with intimation to the GMT Ranchi SSA .”