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Rohtak, June 30: Sitaram Yechuri has demanded the self styled cow vigilante groups to be outlawed for their unabated criminal activities in the form of lynching mobs targeting especially the citizens belonging to minority communities and dalits.
While addressing the media here today CPI(M) General Secretary expressed dissatisfaction over the belated response of the Prime Minister commenting that Mahatama Gandhi would have never accepted killings in the name of cows while he did not reveal what his government was doing to effectively deal with the lynch mobs or so called Romeo squads. He said that a man was being beaten to death in Jharkhand only just after the PM was speaking in Gujarat yesterday.
He expressed deep concern over unprecedented crisis in agriculture sector as reflected through massive upsurge of the peasantry recently in Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh. He castigated a Central minister for describing the loan waiver demand as a fashion and asked why the farmers were falling in debt trap in the first place. It was non other than Modi himself to promise farm produce to be purchased at one and half times more than the cost of production and now his BJP government had gone back to honour the election promise.
Calling the todays function in the Central hall of Parliament as a Tamasha he raised several apprehensions over the present form of tax structure under the GST and described it as beneficial to the Corporate sector and foreign capital while harmful for the small traders and common people. In this context he expressed anguish at taxes imposed on the aids for the differently abled persons and cited it as one example of utterly insensitive and inhuman. Mr Yechuri told that the Finance Minister had given him an assurance on the floor of Parliament that tax structure will be brought before the house for discussion and debate but NDA government has gone ahead bypassing the parliament. He blamed the Modi regime of imposing GST without adequate preparedness. (Courtesy: Ganashakti)