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Since the introduction of  neo-liberal LPG policy since 1991, the governments,  Congress or BJP, have been attacking the Public Sector. Whether it is Coal, Steel, Oil, Banks, telecom or power, the government has been after it to destroy the PSUs or hand over the same to the private corporates.

Disinvestment/ closure/ strategic sale of PSUs benefit the MNCs and the Desi corporates. Once the competition from the PSUs is over, they can loot the public like any thing. The government is dancing to the tune of these corporates and big business.

The fate of the PSUs, which have been closed or sold is known to all. Large number of workers lose their jobs, trade union rights are taken away, hire and fire become the law and the prices of the products are raised sky-high. Large areas of land, buildings and equipment are all handed over to the corporates for a song, just like in the case of ITDC Hotels, Balco, VSNL etc. The national assets are gifted to the corporate sharks.

The PSUs which strengthened the financial position of the country, gave the infrastructure for many industries, saved the country from the 2007 financial crisis  – all are being murdered one after another. The government has already decided to close or hand over about 75 PSUs in this year. PSU Banks are being merged. The RBI Dy. Governor has suggested de-nationalisation of the nationalised banks!

Next target is the Railways and Postal services. Move is already afoot.

It is time that the entire working class and the ordinary people come forward and fight this attack unitedly. It is  a question of now or never!

Resist the murder of the Public Sector! Defeat the ill-motivated pro-corporate policy of the government!