“New Delhi, Apr 11 A CPI(M) member today expressed concern in the Rajya Sabha that the Andaman Cellular Jail, which represented death-defying heroism of the freedom fighters, has not yet been declared a national monument.
Raising the issue during the Zero Hour, Ritabrata Banerjee said the Cellular Jail in Port Blair has “unfortunately even today” not been declared a national monument and the government seems to have “no records” as far as the jail is concerned.
He said the popular sound and light show there continues to ignore most of the heroes and seems to have ignored historical records and sought a comprehensive portrayal of the realities.
“The Jail and light and sound show is dedicated to one single cell of a particular inmate. Historians belonging to all schools of history and British archive records that no inmates were kept in a single cell for more than a week. They were rotated,” Banerjee said.” (Courtesy: Ganashakti)

I completely agree with the demand raised in the Parliament. Hundreds of freedom fighters belonging all states in the country were put in the Cellular Jail in Port Blair and many of them died there mostly due to the harsh conditions and physical torture. Some of the tools of torture as also the gallows are still there.The names of those martyrs who died while in prison are also kept there. Many of the wings of the building have been demolished to construct a hospital or so. The demand to keep the Jail as a national monument should be accepted by the government.