British effectively used the ‘Divide and Rule’ policy to continue its rule in India. After coming to India as traders, the British East India Company increased its influence to divide the kings/Nawabs/Princes and fight each other, supporting this side or that. It paid great dividends. Even in defeating the ‘First War of Independence – 1857’ or the ‘Sepoy Mutiny’ as they called it, they managed to keep away the South, Punjab and Bengal from actively participating on the side of the Sepoys and kings. At a later stage they created differences between Hindus and Muslims and ensured India is divided in to India and Pakistan.

In recent UP elections, BJP got unprecedented success and has formed the government. As is well understood, it played the ‘religious and division card’ effectively. The success in UP will make it to think about the same in other states also. Statements of many of the top leaders of Sangh Parivar have already created serious disturbances. Dividing the society on religions and caste lines will seriously disturb the secular fabric of the country and create tension.

Isolate such forces creating disunity and religious conflicts.