Calcutta was the capital of British India till 1912. Calcutta (now Kolkata) is full of heritage buildings and historical monuments as part of the legacy of the British Rule and earlier. Buildings which accommodated the first Post Office, the first Telephone Exchange. the first Reserve Bank of India – all still exist there beautifully constructed. Victoria Memorial, Writers Building and hundreds of heritage buildings are there. While visiting Calcutta, I always used to see and appreciate such heritage buildings. According to my suggestion, a museum on ‘Telegraphs’ was started at Calcutta, after the Telegraph services were stopped.

It seems that the shifting of Capital to Delhi was a shock to Calcutta, from which it could not recover fully despite 105 years have passed. Today’s ‘Hindu’ has reported that a movement is coming up to safeguard and protect these heritage buildings from encroachment and destruction mostly by land mafia. Well and Good!

It is most necessary that these heritage buildings and monuments are well maintained for the posterity to see.