There are about 3,000 casual labour, mostly recruited through employment exchange in DOT and now working in BSNL, who have completed about 25 to 30 years of service and are still not regularised. They were fully eligible to be regularised as per  the agreement between the Federations and the government at the time of formation of BSNL in 2000. It was only due to the delay and negligence of the field level management in sending the details to the corporate office that these casual labours were denied regularisation.  The plea of the Corporate office that they can not now be regularised in view of the Supreme Court judgment in a 2006 case is without substance. Casual labour have been regularised as a special case in many central government departments even after 2006. BSNL can also do the same.

It is only justice and correct that all these casual labour should be regularised with out further delay so that they will get better wages and pensionary benefits for their long period of serving the nation.