Gurgaon Court on 11th March 2017 has acquitted 117 workers, while convicting 31, in connection with the violence in the factory premises four years back, which resulted in the death of one Manager. The violence has broken out when the management tried to bring blacklegs to defeat the justified strike of the Maruti workers.

In connivance with the Suzuki management, the Haryana Government arrested about 150 workers and implicated them all in the case. There was no trial for years and all of them were kept in jail. Even bail was not granted to most of the workers. The central trade unions organised protest actions against this brutal attack.

At last, the judgment has been delivered convicting 31 workers, while acquitting 117. In fact there was no case against them at all. It was only to terrorise the union and the workers that the case continued for so long.

It is also to be noted that all the office-bearers of the union are implicated in the case and they are the people convicted. The powerful Maruti Management and  the Haryana Government are part of this conspiracy. There is no doubt that the Trade unions will file appeal against the conviction.

Our full support and solidarity to the Maruti workers and their union for their heroic struggle.