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The Bank Employees Unions, BEFI, AIBEA and AIBOA has called upon their workers to organise agitational programmes including One Day Strike on 7th February 2017 demanding declaration of the names of the big corporates and others who are to pay back thousands of crores of rupees to the banks (NPA) and also on the miseries being put on the people and the bank workers by demonetisation.

The government and Banks are extra soft on the corporates who have taken loans of thousands of crores of rupees, while they are very strict and merciless against the poor who have taken small loans. At least the government and banks should publish names of these big rich people, whom the government and the banks are making all efforts to save. The government should understand that it is the money of the common people that is being looted by the rich through these bad loans(NPA).

We fully support the decision of the bank associations to go on strike.