Thiruvananthapuram; January 20: National Conference of All India Peace and Solidarity has begun here today with a note of solidarity towards all anti war and anti imperialist struggle. In an atmosphere filled the memory of former Cuban President Fidel Castro, Chief Minister of Kerala Pinarayi Vijayan inaugurated the two day conference in the Olympia Chamber hall at Chandrashekharan Nair Stadium.
Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan said that India’s subservient attitude towards United States of America has been widened and deepened during the Modi regime. Modi is trying to be a junior war partner of America. India plays the same tune of America which constantly change its policy in favor of Arm dealers. Modi had kept away from last meeting of Non aligned movement. He was keen avoid the function related to last ritual to Fidel Castro. These two acts were aimed to appease USA.
India always stood in the forefront of the movement against the human right violation and crushing the democracy. It is now coming close to USA on the back drop of neo liberal policies and it is craving to appease the imperialism. India now keeping away from Non align movement. War is essential to proliferate capitalism. US tries to industrialize the war in the pretext of modernization of arms, Pinarayi said.
Sitaram Yechuri said that BJP and RSS are trying to polarize the people in the name of Nationalism. An attempt is made to put Godse in the place of Gandhi. The removal Gandhi’s picture from Khadi Gramodyog Calender is an open challenge on the people. There is systematic attempt remove Gandhi’s picture from the currency, he said.
In the inaugural function presided over by CPI state secretary Kanam Rajendran, Politburo member M A Baby, CPI national secretary D Raja, state Revenue Minister E Chandrasekharan, Eraclise Tsavadavaladis, Dr. Helmi, Hamin Hu, Pallav Sengupto, C P Narayanan delivered the speech. (Courtesy: Ganashakti)