The British Rulers have separated the government employees in to many categories like Class IV, Class III, Class II, Class I etc. Not only in salary and allowances, but in fringe benefits also, the differences were kept. There were differences between British, Anglo-Indian and Indian (native) in qualification for appointment, salary, promotion etc.

These were all part of the capitalist/imperialistcolonial system of government. By about six decades of independence, most of the discriminations between the  Class IV and Class III in government services have been removed. In fact, the Class IV cadre as such is being fully eliminated merging with class III. In Public Sector like BSNL, these two classes have been merged into ‘non-executives’. Almost all the service conditions are made equal.

In government services, the differences between Class III, Class II, class I and IAS continues. In the PSUs, differences exist between Non-Executives, Executives and top Managerial posts.

Are these differences necessary in a democratic set up? Of course, differences will  be there on certain issues like pay, allowances, benefits etc. connected with higher responsibility, position etc. , but the present huge differences are not at all justified.The unnecessary and out dated colonial arrangements intended to serve the foreign rulers need to be put an end to.

As another forward step in this direction, as done in the case of merger of Class III and IV, it is necessary that the Class III, Class II and Class I should be merged as also the Non-Executives and Executives putting an end to the unnecessary, unwanted and outdated artificial divisions of the working class.

Times are changing, world is changing. There is no need to hang upon the mistakes of the past. The need of the time is to change such outdated rules, conventions and practices. But it is not easy since it is the topmost people who wield the power and who safeguard their vested interests.

A serious debate has to start on the justification, feasibility and implementation of eliminating these unwanted differentiations.