The meeting of the Central Secretariat of BSNLEU, the main recognised union of Non-Executives in BSNL, is scheduled to take place on 12-13 November 2016 at Chennai. The main discussion will be on the conduct of the All India Conference to be held at Chennai on 31st December 2016 to 3rd January 2017. Another important or most important matter is about resisting the anti-BSNL move of the government like formation of Tower Company bifurcating BSNL and the Revival and strengthening of BSNL.

BSNLEU since its formation and especially after getting the recognised status have been continuously putting all efforts as also pressuring the government and BSNL Management for taking immediate action for the revival of BSNL. The JAC/Joint Forum/Forum has been initiating moves one after another in this respect and going on struggle, whenever required. The latest attack on BSNL through formation of Tower Company is a serious threat to the existence of BSNL.

Another issue is the fast reduction in the number of workers. During the last 16 years since formation of BSNL in 2000, the workforce have been reduced to about 2.05 lakhs from the earlier 3.5 lakhs. About 1.85 lakhs workers have retired during this period with only about 40,000 new recruitment. The next few years will be critical with about 10,000 to 15,000 retirements each year. Recruitment has become an important part of the revival plan.

There is no doubt that these  and other important issues will be discussed with due seriousness and strategy finalised to face the present challenging situation.