I am completing 25 years of Union service at Delhi, a long period indeed! It was in the first week of November 1991 that myself and Com.Moni Bose reached Delhi to take over charge of CHQ AITEEU Class III, after the historic victory in the Bhopal All India Conference held in the last week of October. Veteran leader late Com. K.Adinarayana, former Secretary General of NFPE and many other leaders were there to receive us. AITEE Union changed in to AITEE Union(N), and then after formation of BSNL and merger of about 8 unions, BSNL Employees Union was born on 21st March 2001.

BSNL Employees Union has grown as the biggest Union in BSNL and the major recognised union. It has settled many major issues of the Telecom Workers. It has defended BSNL from the attacks of the government and stopped VRC/CRS, Disinvestment and unbundling of the priceless copper cables from privatising with the joint efforts of all the unions/associations. Two major wage revisions have taken place which largely benefitted the workers. Better promotional prospects have been ensured. One more wage revision is to take place.  Other important demands are also there. BSNL Employees Union and its leaders and workers are capable of dealing and settling them.

During these 25 years,I had the opportunity of meeting thousands of workers all over the country, discussing with them, receiving their hospitality, love and affection. I thank all these comrades!

I thank the comrades of Delhi, the leaders and workers of CHQ and others who made my life and work enjoyable and fruitful and who were with me in thick and thin.

Let us continue marching ahead in the path shown to us  by our great leaders:

“Unity for Struggle, Struggle for Unity and Unity and Struggle for Progress!”

“Workers of the World, Unite!”