71 years back on 3rd October 1945 was born the revolutionary trade union organisation of the working class, “World Federation of Trade Unions”(WFTU). The defeat of Fascism and the victory of the Allied forces consisting of USSR, US and Britain was one of the most important chapter in the 20th century, another being the 1917 Revolution in Russia, resulting in the formation of the USSR, which changed the political equations in the world.

After the II World War and victory of allied forces, United Nations Organisation (UNO) and many other international organisations were formed to ensure peace in the world and co-operation in all fields. WFTU is part of this international movement, the bulwark of the trade unions in the world.

After the collapse of USSR, there was a weakening of  WFTU, with ideological confusion and difference. But fortunately at the  WFTU Congress at Havana (Cuba) in 2005 (which I had the opportunity to attend), the issue was settled and many organisations like CITU, which were keeping away from WFTU, rejoined the same, making it stronger and ideologically more progressive.

Next was the WFTU Congress in Brazil in 2010 and the next is the 17th Congress from 5th to 8th October 2016 being held at Durban, in South Africa. Many leaders from India are going to participate in the Congress.

My Best Wishes for the success of the Congress and Warm Greetings to all the delegates participating. Best  Wishes to Com.P.Abhimanyu, General Secretary BSNLEU, who is participating in the Congress!My Revolutionary Greetings to all our comrades on the 71st Foundation Anniversary of WFTU!