BSNL has issued orders forming Telangana Telecom Circle by bifurcating A.P. Circle and the separate circles have started functioning from 01-10-2016, on the 16th Birth Anniversary of BSNL. Though A.P. state was bifurcated some time back, BSNL had not decided for bifurcation and functioned as one circle. But the state elections and the formation of separate governments for Telangana and A.P. has created a situation, where separation of BSNL  became a necessity. It is true that the NE-I and NE-II circles each have three states in their jurisdiction, but A.P. and Telangana are big states.

A.P.Circle was the biggest telecom circle in the country  with regard to employees, and Rajasthan is the biggest in area. After bifurcation of A.P.Circle, Maharashtra will be the circle with the maximum number of employees, around 16,000.

A.P. Circle and its leadership have always been a strong bastion of BSNL Employees Union. From the second verification in 2004 onward, it gave good majority to BSNLEU in each verification. Best  support always has been given to CHQ, including donation of a car for the use of General Secretary. I remember the important roles played by leaders like Coms. M.N.Reddy, P.Asokababu, J.Sampath Rao, D.Nagamanyam, Ramachndrudu and others in building up the organisation in the circle.

At this important junction of the bifurcation of the A.P.Circle, I convey my Greetings and Best Wishes to the leaders and workers  with the hope that they will continue to be in the foremost in fighting for the cause of BSNL and the workers.