Manoj Sinha, Communications Minister yesterday told the BSNL Management and employees to perform well. He also spoke about ‘performance related pay’ and VRS for ‘inefficient employees’. Well advice!
Shall we remind the Minister that it was not because of non-performance of the employees that BSNL came down; It is the same employees who had made BSNL grow year after year, increasing profit to Rs.10,000 to Rs. 12,000 crore with a revenue of Rs.40,000 crore.
It was the Communications Minister and government who cut the procurement of equipment, taken the funds of BSNL on one pretext or other and made the PSU loss making. We appreciate the new Minister for making payment of the 2014-15 USO Fund of Rs.1250 crore to BSNL, but much more is to be done. Refund the charges for spectrum returned, waive licence fee and taxes of BSNL, recruit sufficient staff, procure adequate equipment, give sufficient training to staff etc. will make a great change. Is the government ready for the same?
Due to the sustained efforts of management and workers the market share has gone up to more than 10%, thousands of additional towers are erected, BSNL has become the maximum new mobile provider – yes BSNL is advancing. The Minister should help the BSNL to restore its past glory.