The non-executives in BSNL have got a lot grievances, whether regarding Bonus, wages, anomalies, stagnation, NEPP etc. etc. Now the non-executives are divided in to three or four groups of unions. Each will claim that they are fighting for the settlement of demands. Division of workers helps the management to deny the rights of the workers. Executives have their own demands.

Same with the revival of BSNL. All the executive and non-executive unions/associations, under the leadership of the Joint Action Committee / Joint Forum / Forum conducted number of struggles and settled many issues, mainly due to united actions. It also stands divided now, with certain unions keeping away. Those who wants to keep away have, of course, their justification.

But the Revival of BSNL and Settlement of the workers’ issues are the concerns of all unions/associations. In such a situation, those comrades/unions who are keeping away from the Forum have to rethink and come back for united action and struggle. This is much more necessary when serious attacks like strategic sale of the company is on the agenda of the government. Unity of action and activities can be done keeping their own identity and independent struggles.

We can well remember the Independence Struggle in which the Congress, Muslim League, Socialist Congress, Congress and other all joined despite their many differences in approach and ideology.