5th September is the National Teachers Day. It is being observed since 1962 on the birth anniversary of former President Dr. S.Radhakrishnan, who himself was a well known educationalist and teacher.

It was most appropriate that the President of India Shri Pranab Mukherjee interacted with students on that day and took a class. This gives more respectability to the Day. Teachers have got much influence on the children and correct education and mentoring will make a better society.

My experience as a teacher for more than two years before joining the Postal and Telecom Department was very pleasant and educative.

While observing the Teachers’ Day, let us not forget that more than 30% people in the country are still illiterate. Kerala and Tripura, both ruled by the Left Party Governments, are the only states with 100% literacy. Even almost seven decades  after Independence, a good portion of the people are in dark without education. The government, the politicians, educationalists – all have to tackle the problem and ensure full literacy in the country, for which top priority is to be given. Education is power and the poor have to be armed with this power.