Government of India has notified in Gazette of India dated 1st September 2016 its proposals for fixing the minimum wages of the contract labours. The wages for unskilled,semi-skilled, skilled and highly skilled for A class, B Class, C class cities are notified and asked for any suggestions to be submitted within 2 months before finalisation.

According to the notification an unskilled worker will get a daily wage of Rs. 350 in C Class cities as on 01-01-2016.  This will come to Rs. 9100  in a month for an unskilled worker in a C class city. Variable DA will be added for the VDA increasing after 01-01-2016 which comes to Rs. 9227 as on 1st September 2016.

Our demand is for Rs.18,000 as minimum wage which is one of the demands raised in the 2nd September 2016 strike in which the casual contract workers of BSNL also participated.