Except in Delhi and very few other cities, there are a lot of vacant BSNL staff quarters. The reason is well known. There has been very less recruitment while retirement rate is very high. After formation of BSNL in 2000, more than 1,60,000 employees have retired, while the new recruitment is around 40,000. Secondly, most of the employees have constructed their own homes, utilising the home loans available. Thirdly, employees, especially executives and senior employees can get houses on rent for lesser amount than to be paid for the quarters. In some places, these quarters are vacant for a long period and are decaying.

The BSNL quarters are mostly in the centre of the cities, where there is much demand for houses. All these quarters should be repaired to good condition and can be given on rent to Central/State government, PSUs for accommodating their employees. In fact, as per the suggestion of BSNLEU earlier, such arrangement has been made in some places. This will provide additional funds for the company and at the same time, keep the quarters in good condition.

Union leaders at the local level should take up the matter with the BSNL administration. BSNLEU has many times brought this to the notice of corporate management. BSNL Management should take immediate initiative in the matter, which will benefit the company.