Today’s newspapers have reported about the 2nd September Strike. All the papers have published the reports of the strike, which they used not to do earlier. The massiveness of the strike has compelled them to publish.

Business Line has reported in the first page with a five column report with the caption “Strike by 18 crore workers results in Rs.18,000 crores.” This is no exaggeration. This is the biggest strike India has seen for a long time. It may the biggest strike in the world also. 18 crore workers will mean at least more than 40 crore people including their family.

If there has been a loss of Rs. 18,000 crore for the one day strike, it also means that these workers have been adding Rs.18,000 crore to economy every day they work. These are the workers who are the back bone of the country. It is only at the time when the workers go on strike, this vital point is noticed. It can well be taken that the Indian working class is adding more than Rs.30,000 crore to the economy of the nation every day.

The government should realise the great achievement of the workers and ensure that their demands are met with out delay. Otherwise, further struggles will arise! Let us be prepared for the same!