The Indian Working Class have once again showed their unity in struggle! The 2nd September Strike has been participated by more than 15 crore workers. In certain states like Kerala and Tripura it was a complete standstill. Workers in all sectors in all states participated in large numbers. As per the reports, this is the biggest working class struggle for the last many decades.

BSNL Employees Union and BSNL Casual and Contract Workers Federation have been preparing for the strike sufficiently in advance by organising conventions, committee meetings etc. It has got good results. In BSNL, most of the workers and casual and contract workers went on strike. The Pensioners under the leadership of AIBDPA organised demonstrations and processions in support and solidarity of the strike. The strike was  for the cause of the entire working class in the country. The demands raised by the Central Trade Unions, Independent Federations and Unions are the issues of the people and the toiling masses. The government can not escape from such justified demands.

While Congratulating the workers for the great struggle, we demand the government to concede the demands immediately, failing which further struggles will take place.