“King Gorge VI is the King of England and the Emperor of India”, was the heading of the first lesson in the English Text Book, when I was studying in VI Standard. Though India has got independence by that time, the text book had not changed. It took  a few years more to change it.

But even after almost six decades many hangovers of the British rule continue. While coming back from Kozhikode to Delhi by flight, I saw the letters ‘VT’ prominently painted on the body of many aeroplanes. What is meant by ‘VT”? It is ‘Viceroy’s Territory’, which used to be the identification mark of Indian planes during the British rule. Even after 69 years the name continues as such.

Large number of historical artifacts and souvenirs of India are still in the custody of British. Many of them are exhibited in the British Museum etc. including the famous Diamond ‘Kohinoor’. They all have been looted from India, during the British rule. The government of India should demand for heir return. There need not be any embarrassment for demanding return of our property.