download (1)70th Anniversary of Independence Day falls on 15th August 2016. It was on 15th August 1947 that India won Independence from the British. Though it was a smooth transfer of power, there lay continuous sustained struggle of about two centuries against foreign domination. At the initial stage, great patriots like Pazhassi Raja, Tippu Sultan, Kunhali Marakkar  and many others fought to stop the British from conquering the country. The First War of Independence (Sepoy Mutiny as the British called it) almost made an end of the British rule, but the higher military power of the British and and its dirty politics won them the day. Within three decades, the Indian National Congress was formed under whose leadership the struggle for freedom continued. The leadership of Mahatma Gandhi turned the struggle in to new and uncharted routes. The Quit India Movement, the weakening of the colonial powers during the II World War and the rise of the soviet power – all these compelled the British to vacate India. Thousands and thousands of people sacrificed their lives for the freedom of motherland. Sacrifices of revolutionaries like Bhagat Singh, Sukh Dev, Raj Guru, Chandrasekhar Azad, Udham Singh and many others inspired the entire country. The Communists, Socialists – nobody was behind. The cases  against the communists filed by the British like Meerut Conspiracy case, Lahore Conspiracy cased etc. and arrests of all the top communist leaders, many of who were still in the jail like Com. A.K.Gopalan when the Independence dawned on the country, shows us the great struggles organised  for getting freedom.

On this Independence Day my hearty greetings to all our comrades, friends and well wishers! Let us build an India where poverty is abolished and all get equal opportunities!