It is reported that about 400 branches of SBI has been closed and some more are going to be closed, in the name of reducing expenses and on the plea that there are many branches in the same city itself. It is also stated that this is being done on the basis of the recommendations of a committee.

This decision to close the SBI branches is completely anti-worker, anti-customer and anti-SBI. There is no justification for the same except to reduce the business of SBI and to help the private banks. Instead of taking strong measures to recover the NPAs (bad loans) coming to lakh of crores of rupees from the corporates and big business, closing of the customer friendly branches will not do any good.

It is against such anti-people, neo-liberal policies that the crores of workers are going on a massive strike on 2nd September 2016. Make the strike a big success and a slap on the face of the government!