At present for school admission, the certificate of date of birth issued by the Municipality, Panchayat or any other authorised institution is necessary. Without the certificate, it will be difficult to get the admission. But it was not so five six decades back, especially in the rural areas.This has resulted in much confusion as also complication in later years; some interesting incidents also.

I remember an incident now with regard to the age factor. While working at Cannanore Exchange, Kerala, in the early part of the 1960s, a Line Inspector, who was entrusted with the cable work of the new exchange, died. His son was a Sub-Inspector ( Telegraphs) working at Trichur. He came along with other comrades to take the body. The son was also a senior employee and had only few years to retire. You can then imagine what must have been the real age of the LI, who was still in service, when he died. There were many such instances, since birth certificate was not available or not insisted.

Now such incidents may not happen since birth certificates are compulsory.