From early morning today, 24th July 2016, I have been getting calls, messages, Face Book postings etc. wishing a Happy Birth Day and Greetings! Yes, today is my 79th Birth Day. I convey my thanks from the heart to all of you for your affectionate wishes and Greetings, which is cherished much by me and my wife, Pankajam. I may not be able to thank every body personally and this may kindly be treated as a personal note of thanks.

My date of birth as per records in 12th June 1938.It was very late that I found out that the actual date is 24th July 1938. Birth certificates were not insisted for admission in the schools at that time in rural areas. In order to enable admission to school, June being the period for admission, either father or the school teacher might have put the date as 12th June. Otherwise, since the date of birth was usually noted in the Malayalam calendar (Lunar Calendar), some confusion might also have arisen. Hence the difference in the date of birth. I cam to know of it very late and hence could not correct the official records. In the early period many people were faced with similar problem.

Once again I thank all comrades, friends and well wishers for the Best Wishes on my Birth Day!