Now, whether in the Telecom or in BSNL, all the employees are getting almost same holidays, whether technical, operational or administrative. But it was not so in the past.

Up to 1960s, there was much discrimination and injustice in the matter. The eligibility of various section of employees for Holidays were as follows: CG Employees: 21 Holidays; Telegraph 12; Telephone Operators and operatives: No Holiday, No compensation. Not even compensatory off. Sometimes weekly off was also denied.

NFPTE demanded before the II Pay Commission to end the discrimination. But unfortunately, the recommendations of the II CPC was retrograde which was as follows:

Administrative offices: 16 plus 2 optional holidays; Postal : 16; Telegraphs 9; Telegraph Engineering (Telephones) : 3 National holidays; RMS 3 National holidays.

NFPTE strongly protested. After many years of struggle only, the discrimination was removed. Only due to the union and struggles, improvement came.

Look to the past to fight for a better future! ( From the proposed book “P and T TU Movement”)