Now the employees in government, PSUs etc.are having equal pay scales  / wages  for all employees who are working in the same cadre. But this was not the case in the early part of the last century. Under the British Rule, the telegraphist or Postal Clerk or officer who is British used to get higher pay scale. When British were not available, Anglo-Indians were mostly recruited as Telegraphist. Father of Telecom TU Movement, Henry Barton or Harry Barton as he was usually called, was one of them. Th pay scale of Anglo Indian Telegrphist was higher than that of Indian Telegraphist.

Telegraph was considered most important and they were compelled to work for 12 hours in the night shift starting from 08.00 PM to 08.00 AM next morning. It was almost impossible to get leave. A telegraphist was not expected to be absent even during seriously ill. There were many instances recorded when officials were brought on stretchers to the Head of the office to prove illness and get leave.

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