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It is reported in Hindu that BSNL, Air India etc. are recommended to be closed / strategically sold by NITI Ayog (former Planning Commission) along with many other loss making PSUs. It is also reported that the government may not accept the recommendation in the case of BSNL immediately, since the government fear stiff opposition from its 2.5 lakh employees. ITI is already in the list. It is also reported that the government will start with ‘low hanging fruit’ and later proceed with the big catch.

The intention of the government is very clear. It wants to handover the most profitable telecom sector completely to the private, including BSNL. VSNL is already sold. BSNL seems to be the next target, since Delhi based MTNL, may be the last target because of its being in the capital of the country with all government offices, including that of President, Prime Minister, Defence establishments etc.

Its inability to impose VRS and disinvesment in BSNL earlier, due to strong protest and agitation from the workforce, only is keeping the government from privatising/closing BSNL. Any weakening of the Forum / united movement of the workers will be utilised by the government to implement its dark agenda. The workers can not be caught unawares.

Strengthen Forum of BSNL Unions/Associations to fight against privatisation/closure of BSNL!