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NEW DELHI: “Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday used his ‘ Mann ki Baat ‘ radio programme to deliver a stern message – don’t evade taxes and come clean by September 30. Modi also used the platform to mount an attack on the Congress to mark the 41st anniversary of the declaration of Emergency.
“In our big cities, when we see some of the houses that are worth crores, there seems to be some discord. Some people make well over 50 lakh rupees a year, but don’t declare it. They do this to avoid paying their taxes. I am calling on all of them to come forward and declare their true incomes and pay their taxes by September 30,” said PM Modi in the radio address.
“There will be no leniency after that,” he added.” (Courtesy: Times of India)

Declaration is well taken! But what about action? Both NDA and UPA governments have declared umpteen times about catching the tax evaders; But nothing has been done. It is only the salaried people who are paying the taxes correctly. Most of the rich, business barons, corporates evade the taxes either by crook or cheating. They are never punished, because they are close to the ruling parties and donate liberally to their election funds.

Common people are not interested in EMPTY PROMISES!