The people of Kerala has done it. They have voted the LDF in to power with a huge majority. Out of the total 140 seats, it secured 91 and reduced the corrupt Congress led UDF to a mere 47 seats. The CPI(M) alone got 63 seats. Many UDF ministers went down like pack of cards.While the LDF candidates won with good majority, most of the UDF candidates won with reduced majority. There are 8 women elected all of whom belongs to LDF. A good number of LDF winners are young comrades. While in Kollam District all the seats are won by LDF, it got all seats except one in Thrissur.

Now it is for the LDF to implement its poll assurances. A clean administration with development agenda, restoration of the PSUs to past glory, safety of women, continued fight against majority and minority communalism and so on.

Best Wishes for a corruption free, people oriented government with full developmental agenda!