Today, 20th May 2016, is the 25th death anniversary of Com.M.K.Kelu,(affectionately called Keluettan), who was a veteran leader of the CPI(M) and toiling masses. His entire life was dedicated for the service of the people. He is one of the leaders of the old generation, who sacrificed their all fighting for the freedom of the country and the for the welfare of the people. Keluettan had to face severe attacks, including physical attacks, both from the British Government and the Congress government. Several times he was put in jail for years together. He continued as a bachelor and his life was dedicated to party. He was the District Secretary of the CPI(M), Calicut for many years and also functioned as MLA.

Since I came to Calicut in 1964 on transfer, I had the privilege  of getting advice and guidance from him in the trade union activities till he passed away.

Red Salute to Com. Keluettan on his 25th death anniversary!