Com.Moni Bose was a life time Comrade to me. We worked together against the anti-worker policies of the government as also the revisionist forces in the union. How many Conferences we have attended together, how many tours we have conducted together! However, it was mainly after the 1991 Bhopal AIC of E.III Union and victory for the progressive forces that we became closer. For 5-6 years, we were together in Dada Ghosh Bhawan, working in the CHQ, first myself as President and he as General Secretary and later vice-versa. The hardships, the sacrifices, the maximum out put we have to do are beyond description.

Com.Moni Bose left us on 19th May 2010. 19th May 2016 is the sixth death anniversary of the great leader.

Red Salute to Com. Moni Bose!