According to tentative information, the votes received by the major unions in the Membership Verification and the % of votes to the total votes are given below:
BSNLEU 81,195 ( 49.56%), NFTE 52,367 (31.97%), FNTO 8697 (5.31%) BTEU 4846 (2.95%). BSNLEU got about 1% more than the VI Membership Verification.
As per this votes and %, neither FNTO nor BTEU is eligible for any seats in the councils. BSNLEU and NFTE will share the seats. As per the votes received by these unions, BSNLEU will get 9 seats and NFTE 5 seats out of the total 14 seats.
The final list of votes, % etc. is expected to be issued by the Election Officer by tomorrow.