May Day

World Federation of Trade Unions (WFTU)  on the occasion of the International Workers’ Day – May 1, 2016 expresses its militant greetings to all men and women of the working class and its 92 million members in over 120 countries.
Women and men, young and old, employed or unemployed, immigrants and refugees: the WFTU wish them the strength, determination and courage in their small and large struggles.
Transnational corporations, governments reactionary forces, neo-fascist and racist, imperialist structures dread this day. Because it is a symbol of internationalism, symbol of the struggle, a symbol of class unity. They are our indispensable in our struggles for a better life, stronger tools against poverty and wars generated by capitalist barbarity.
Building on the strong, classist, mass, democratic, militant grassroots unions, we give strength to the WFTU.
And strengthening of the WFTU as class organization with roots at the base, internationalist and solidarity, we are strengthening our unions.
In all countries of the world with all kinds of actions, we demand the satisfaction of current needs, our employment, labor and social rights.
Our reality of poverty, unemployment, poverty and war, in contrast to the technological and scientific progress and wealth we produce, show how unrealistic rotten is the model of capitalist production.
We join forces and build our social alliance with the popular sectors against exploitation and capitalist barbarism.
On the occasion of the first of May 2016, we reiterate our internationalist solidarity with the people of Palestine, Libya, Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen and all peoples who suffer imperialist attacks and fighting for their right to decide for themselves on their present and future.
This year, 2016, the representatives XVII World Congress of Trade Unions will add class trade union movement, in the heroic land of South Africa. October 5 to 8, 2016, thousands of delegates, trade unionists real fighters from all continents will gather in Durban, they analyze the global and regional situation and resolve on the strategy and the WFTU Action Plan for next 5 years.
With this Congress, we take an essential step for the world-class labor movement. “Go ahead” for meeting the current needs of the working class, poverty and unemployment caused by capitalist barbarity.

WFTU Secretariat